Our Heart for Missions

Decatur Baptist has a global vision of taking Christ to the world by loving God, loving people and serving both.

Missions Journey Opportunities

Each year we have a number of missions journeys to choose from. Each one provides a unique experience and the opportunity to be a part of what the Lord is doing in other parts of the globe.

Community Impact Celebration

DBC hosts a Community Impact Celebration (CIC) in the spring of each year. It’s a time of celebration for what God has done in the city of Decatur over the past year and a celebration in expectation of what God is going to do in the coming year.

Global Impact Celebration

DBC hosts a Global Impact Celebration (GIC) in the fall of each year. It’s a time of celebration for what God has done over the past year and a celebration in expectation of what God is going to do in the coming year.

Our plan and strategy involves several key things:
  • Strong missionary partnerships and relationships around the world
  • Missions journey opportunities for our members to see and experience the field
  • Faith promise giving
  • Our annual Global Impact Celebration


Our Jerusalem team endeavors to enhance the outreach opportunities of our church by creating new opportunities to share Christ. Through partnerships with various organizations in our city and area, we seek to take the love of Christ out into our city and community. A few examples are:

  • Committee on Church Cooperation 
  • The Tennessee Valley Outreach
  • The Alabama Jubilee
  • Save-A-Life Pregnancy Center
  • First Priority of Decatur
  • Clothe Our Kids of North Alabama
  • Neighborhood Christian Center


Our Judea team helps us with the organizational needs as we seek to partner with new churches being planted and established throughout the United States. Planning trips to these locations to do outreach work, VBS, prayer walks and sports camps are just a few of the ways the Judea team is helping us reach our 20/20 vision. These types of events are a huge blessing to those newly planted churches just trying to get started.


Our Samaria team oversees the many missionaries that we support and partner with in the Americas. By keeping in touch with the missionary by way of email, prayer letters, missions journeys and constant prayer, we are able to partner with and be a part of taking the gospel to many needy areas.

The Ends of the Earth

Our Ends of the Earth team extends our outreach worldwide. Through partnerships with many missionaries, projects and short-term journeys, our church is able to experience firsthand what it’s like to be a missionary. Nothing can take the place of personally seeing, touching, smelling and hearing what takes place on the mission field halfway around the world. That firsthand experience is life changing.

Our Five Year Plan | 2025 Vision

Isaiah 37:30-32  –  Take Root, Bear Fruit, Go Forth

Take Root

  • Develop a training institute to better equip members of Decatur Baptist Church for ministry or to serve as pastors and missionaries
  • Enlist DBC members to serve as Missionary Champions for every missionary and missionary project
  • Begin a Decatur Impact Celebration; to emphasize local needs and mobilize Decatur Baptist Church to meet those needs
  • Provide opportunities for spiritual growth through the Living Faith Fellowship Conferences
  • Train 500 Church Planters in the Dominican Republic through our partnership with the Carters
  • Train 7500 Church Planters in India and Nepal through our partnership with the Maithili Alliance
  • Conduct at least one Refresh Conference to provide training and encouragement to our missionaries in Zambia, Africa

Bear Fruit

  • Enhance existing and develop new Outreach Ministries and Events in Decatur/Morgan County
  • Mobilize DBC members to serve in local ministries
  • Plant 12,000 churches through our members and partnerships with other ministries
  • Plant a church in every Maithili Village
  • Engage an unengaged unreached people group through the Maithili church planters

Go Forth

  • Send a team of DBC members to plant a church in our region
  • Send 15 short-term (a month or less) missions teams
  • Send 9 long-term (a month or more) missions teams
  • Send 3 DBC singles or families to the mission field

Upcoming Missions Journeys

One of the greatest life-changing experiences for a believer is to go on a missions journey. Whether it’s helping a new church in another state or visiting a missionary working in another country — you’ll never fully understand the importance of missions until you go. Every person needs to see it, feel it and experience it first hand. We encourage you to look through the following opportunities and pray about going. We promise — you will be glad you did!

If you would like to sign up for any of these journeys, please fill out the Mission Journey Application and turn it in to the office or email it to Bro. Larry or Makayla Holladay.



Dominican Republic – July 16-22 – FULL

Malawi – July 28-August 9 – FULL

Boston – October

This team will be working with the Reneaus. 


Zambia – October- FULL

Chile – November 4-13

Team Leader: Larry Waye

This team will be working with Jason and Lori Holt in training, discipleship, and evangelism.


There are other missions opportunities that are local and many times church-wide, where we can take the love of Jesus into our community in a variety of ways. By volunteering and getting involved with these community events we’re able to show others the love of Jesus in a very meaningful and powerful way.

There are a number of projects, community sponsored events, and church planned activities to choose from throughout the year. It’s our desire see every member involved in some way, helping us reach our community with the good news of Jesus.

Missions begins right here in our own city and community. A local missions opportunity is a great place to begin being on mission for the Lord. Please consider getting involved in one of the following missions opportunities.

•  Alabama Jubilee
•  NCC Underwear Drive
•  CCC Canned Food Drive
•  CCC Clothes Closet Drive

For more information please call the church office at at 256.353.8579 or email us at dbcmissions@decaturbaptist.org.