Sunday PM Classes


Cost of Discipleship

This class is required before pairing for Life on Life Discipleship.

Discipleship 2 – Part One

Completion of Life on Life Discipleship is a prerequisite for this class.  

Discipleship 2 – Part Two

Completion of Life on Life Discipleship and Discipleship 2 – Part One are prerequisites for this class. 

Ministry Tools & Training

Hebrews – Led by Pastor Joe
A historical, doctrinal, and practical study of this book.

Ministry Tools & Training

Leadership Tools & Training – Led by Pastor Larry Waye
An in-depth study of Biblical Doctrine.


Ministry Tools & Training

Grammar and Speech (Preparation and Presentation) – Led by Regina Hudson

A systematic study of words and grammatical structures, working with scripture verses as the sentences, allowing the students to more clearly understand scripture through such analysis.

Financial Peace

Biblical wisdom that will lead you to financial freedom.


Biblically based support group for those grieving.


Biblically based support group and seminar for those going through separation and/or divorce.

Opportunities abound throughout the week for strecthing, growing, and developing relationships with other Believers who are seeking to grow in their relationship with Christ.

There are wonderful opportunities to be a part of a wide range of small groups. In these small groups and classes, you will build relationships with others and learn how God plans for us to live our lives day by day. There IS a place for you! You are welcome and encouraged to join us.

Visit us this week and discover if God would be leading you to “grow in grace, and in knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18) with us.  

Interested in Being a Part of Our Leadership Team?

Email Pastor Larry Waye